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Electrical Engineering Services

ELK Engineering can provide complete Electrical Engineering services that include conceptual design, cost estimating, specification development, detailed engineering, procurement and bid evaluation. We have the ability to integrate the initial technical and financial feasibility with the conceptual design. We can develop pre-design cost estimates in order to allow evaluation of the concept prior to starting the detailed design engineering. We help our clients make the right initial decisions to ensure that every project is successful and cost-effective with unsurpassed quality in disciplines such as:

Design of grounding systems & grids
Lightning protection
Resistance testing of existing grounding systems
Soil resistivity surveys
Surge protection evaluation & design

Examples of specific applications:

Communications hub grounding system design including earthing contacts
Electrical grounding system impact on cathodic protection
Fossil fuel generating facility grounding grid design
Electrical substation grounding grid design
Nuclear generating facility grounding grid design
Lightning/surge protection for SCADA system