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Case Histories

American Airlines Alliance M&E Base, Fort Worth, TX December 23, 2016 - This was a 2 1/2 year, $400 million, fast track design-build project to construct a modern wide bodied jet aircraft maintenance facility. Prepare a design criteria manual, guide specifications and design for an integrated cathodic protection system at the maintenance… Learn More
Arkansas Power & Light Company, Little Rock, AR December 23, 2016 - The photo is from existing 345kV and 500kV guyed tower foundations. Structures on the left are on a new 500kV circuit and those on the right are on a 20 year old 345kV circuit. Structure-to-soil potential measurements on guyed anchors… Learn More
Bridgeline Gas Distribution Company, New Orleans, LA December 23, 2016 - A recently installed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system was experiencing repeated lightning and/or power line surge failures. Failures occurred as frequently as once a week during lightning storm activity at a few of the sites. In some instances,… Learn More
Burke Royalty Company, Wichita Falls, TX December 23, 2016 - Wells in this field were drilled to the 5,000 to 6,000 foot range. One well had already required workover due to a casing corrosion failure. Probable cause of the casing failure was soil instigated corrosion of the well casing in… Learn More
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Dallas, TX December 23, 2016 - Construction of approximately 20 miles of dual track Light Rail Transit comprising the "Starter System." During system construction ELK performed corrosion control acceptance tests which included water line cathodic protection, protective coatings, electrical continuity, electrical grounding and track-to-earth resistance tests… Learn More
Induced A C Studies December 23, 2016 - In the last three to four decades, the incidence of joint occupancy of the same right-of-way by one or more pipelines and power lines has increased. Such joint use produces significant induced AC effects on the influenced pipelines. These effects… Learn More
Sulfur Recovery Plant for Major Oil Company, Santa Barbara, CA December 23, 2016 - On-site coating inspection services for the project. The project specification consisted of three coat system, involving inorganic zinc primer, followed by an aliphatic polyurethane midcoat, with a final coat of polyamide epoxy for all skids and uninsulated piping. There is… Learn More