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About Us

Since its founding in 1994, ELK Engineering has earned a reputation as a company that combines the responsiveness and personal attention of a small firm with the specialties, expertise and project management skills usually found only in larger firms. We are the company the giant engineering firms call when they need help and “need it now.” So why not call us first.

ELK Engineering Associates, Inc. is a Texas Corporation which provides a wide range of corrosion engineering and electrical engineering specialty services.

We are an engineering firm specializing in the practice of corrosion engineering to resolve problems resulting in the material loss of capital resources, environmental habitat, infrastructure or direct loss of life arising from corrosion initiated accidents or incidents.

Our unique combination of practical experience and knowledge based approach provides the expertise required to analyze and resolve your corrosion problems. The ELK team of corrosion control engineers and technicians has a wide range of experience solving difficult and unusual corrosion problems.

Our highly qualified staff includes both registered engineers and NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International certified specialists and technicians with training and experience to assist clients in choosing the correct application of cathodic protection technology. There is an increasing regulatory and corporate demand for NACE International certified trained professionals. NACE International and API certifications and specialization designations or endorsements are now commonly being requested from clients such as other engineering professionals and government regulators as well as liability insurers and the legal profession.

Our specialized staff has designed systems to control corrosion in virtually every environment where cathodic protection presents a viable solution. Our extensive knowledge of the operating parameters and long-term performance characteristics of system components allows us to choose the most appropriate systems to achieve the technical objectives, while carefully considering the client’s economic requirements.

We utilize in-house and other associates with widely varied backgrounds in science and engineering to provide practical engineering solutions to client problems.

No project is too large or too small to receive our careful, individual attention. A project manager directs each large project. All of our employees work in a safe, professional environment that maximizes their individual creativity and growth potential.

Taylor Leon, President / CEO

The ELK Board of Directors appointed Mr. Leon as President/CEO on 5 February 2010. In this capacity he will provide direction for day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and grow the business through directed business development. He will direct the Company to maintain the high standard of professional ethics and core values. In addition, he will assure that ELK continues to provide quality, innovative, cost effective solutions to the client(s). He will also establish the direction of the business, adapt the Company and business strategies to the changing marketplace, and provide direction to business development activities. Mr. Leon will also be a member of the Board and Executive Committee.

Kilgore College, Corrosion Technology, A.A.S.
University of Delaware
Society of American Military Engineers, Member

Sydul Haque, Ph. D., P.E., Chief Engineer

Registered Professional Engineer (9 states)
NACE International Cathodic Protection Specialist #38355

  • Experienced in all phases of CP including internal corrosion direct assessment; grounding grid design; IAC mitigation
  • Drawing Preparation
  • ETAP®

Mike Smith, Executive Vice President 

  • Responsible for all phases of Office Administration
  • Responsible for oversite of Commercial Proposals
  • Responsible for all aspects of Day-to-Day operations


John Dabkowski, Ph.D., Electro Sciences, Inc.
Ray Schiltz, Ph.D., AADFW, Inc.
Jim Gillard, The Gillard Group