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DFW Airport, 50th Year of Operation

Congratulations to DFW Airport on their 50th Anniversary Year of Operation!

In February of 1999, ELK Engineering had its first opportunity to provide inspection services for the installation of a cathodic protection groundbed at the International Cargo Terminal.

Over the many years since that first project, ELK has had the unique opportunity to participate in the measured growth of one of the busiest airports in the nation. Over the past 30 years ELK’s participation includes projects related to design, installation, and testing of corrosion control systems intended to protect the critical infrastructure required to operate the airport safely and efficiently. Additionally, ELK has provided specialized electrical engineering services related to safety grounding as well as a review of other engineering efforts related to corrosion control.

During this past year (2023), ELK has provided Engineering support and operational verification for multiple systems designed to protect critical infrastructure, which have been installed in advance of the planned airport expansion and renovations.

ELK is proud to have played a part in the success of these efforts. Happy Anniversary DFW Airport!